A Liverpool blog shoot

A Liverpool blog shoot

Meet Gemma.

Blogging under the title of Dietitian Without Borders, Gemma is a Sports Dietitian & Nutritionist based in Liverpool, UK. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Gemma describes herself as an ‘energetic soul’ – and that DEFINITELY came through during our two and a half hour shoot, with us zipping between parks, houses, bikes and coffee shops to capture some snapshots of Gemma’s life for her website and blog.

We started our morning with a walk around Sefton Park, which was in full autumnal glory. Gemma had chosen gorgeous muted colours to wear in the park – navy blue coat, mustard yellow scarf and a maroon hat – that matched the seasonal leaves falling all around us. When the first test shot came out perfectly (see the first image below), I knew we were in for a good morning. In fact, Gemma was a joy to shoot… we chatted non-stop about sport, photography, travel, food, music – all her favourite things (and mine too!). She smiled almost constantly, with her attempts at ‘serious’ expressions often ending in eruptions of laughter and the huge smile you see in most of these photos!

Psst! Click any image to enlarge! 

Next it was time for some active shots… a swift change and Gemma was into sports mode. We did some posed stretches and headshots, and then I got Gemma running. Over and over again! A tree lined path was the perfect setting, and luckily the park was quiet and Gemma didn’t have to spend too much time waiting for pedestrians to pass. Gemma had chosen her clothes well for this shoot; the red sports top stands out in every photograph, drawing the eye to her immediately even at distance.

We nipped back to Gemma’s house for another change of clothes, and I spotted her bikes as soon as I walked through the door. Cycling is becoming Gemma’s preferred sport, and so it seemed fitting that we should capture a shot of her on her bike. I think she looks like she means business in this one…

We were a bit chilly by this point, having been outside all morning, so it was time to head off for a coffee and a cake. Gemma took to me to Coffee and Fandisha, an industrial warehouse-style coffee shop that wouldn’t look out of place in my Hackney homeland. The brick and bright yellow walls provided a perfect backdrop for some close ups. I am really pleased with the shot of Gemma looking up, with a look of quiet determination on her face… I think it is effective in both colour and black and white (although I think Gemma may favour the colour version, knowing that this shade of yellow is one of her favourites!).


My favourite shot of the shoot, (apart from the cartwheel one at the top)…..this one! I think it shows her enthusiasm, energy and zest for life!

Best of luck to Gemma in all her cycle training and studies, and thanks for introducing me to extremely decadent peanut butter chocolate brownies! I can’t wait to see these images on her website when she relaunches in the new year!